Trafilsteel Industries is certified ISO 9001:2008 and ISO /TS 16949 by TUV Rheinland as a guarantee of the high quality of the products.


Quality, service, punctuality, organization and greatest satisfaction of the customer.

These are the key’s elements that distinguish our reality, together with our qualified and long-experienced staff, a mutual cooperation with the metallurgical department of the University Politecnico of Milan and with the equipments of our laboratory.

A point of pride, one of the most modern and advanced of the sector, with machineries of the best brands and the most up-to-date softwares to test and certify our products.

Inside our company the laboratory carrys out the following functions:

  • Takes care of drawing up the purchase specifications for raw materials by cross- checking clients specifications and steelworks standards;
  • Carries out checks at raw materials acceptance, verifying the chemical analysis and mechanical characteristics of materials before they can become production- conformant;
  • Carries out sample checks during production with hardness, traction and dimensional tests, and micrographies. With the aid of an automatic data collection system calculates Cp and CpK values, assessing the reliability of all processes.

Through all the last generation machines in the laboratory we are able to arrange:

  • Quantometric analyses by spectrometer and repeatability analyses;
  • Traction, compression and fatigue tests with determination of Rm - Rp0.2-A5%-Z values;
  • Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers hardness; microhardness;
  • Metallographic examination with digital image analysis and digital comparison of grain and carbide sizes;
  • Solution heat treatment hardenability tests after wire drawing, with checking of the hardness values obtained.

The laboratory has available a large normative archive UNI, DIN, AFNOR, EN, ISO.

The periodic consultation of the web site of the Italian institution of unification UNSIDER and UNI allows the constant updating of the standards, the remplacement of the out-of- date ones and the acquisition of the new ones.

The laboratory uses the research and the consultation systems of Stahlschluessel.



The ongoing commitment since the beginning of our business has been aimed at achieving ever higher quality standards. To this end we employ qualified technicians and cutting- edge equipment, both in laboratory and in production and especially in testing the product with non- destructive methods in the various stages of processing.

One of the most important aspects to ensure the quality of the products ( drawn bars and coils ) is represented by the identification, which is automatic as much as possible, of surface and internal defects such as: Pitting, Flaking, Scratches, Folds, Cracks, Metallic and non-metallic inclusions.

These defects if they exceed a certain size threshold, may result in the failure of the end product, especially in the parts subject to dynamic and thermal stresses. Aware of this we committed to subject our products to a non- destructive testing ( NDT ) through the use of the most modern and reliable NDT equipment.

Among the non-destructive testing techniques applicable to the automatic testing of the products, those ones definitely more reliable and faster are:

  • The Eddy Current technique ( ET ), also known as induced current technique of Foucault currents; this technique is particularly suitable for the detection of surface defects.
  • The Ultrasonic technique ( UT ): this technique is particularly suitable for the detection of internal defects.